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Preserve Your Family History

While caring for a loved one, chances are you are spending a lot of time together. One activity that you can do is take the opportunity to comprise the family history so that you can actually save it in book form. There are a number of companies available that offer templates that you can use to create a family photo book that can serve as a keepsake and preserve the memory of the family for generations.

You can start by gathering as many old photos as you can, and then talk to your relatives about the history of the images, such as if it was taken during your grandparent’s wedding or a family picnic. You also want to collect various ephemera, such as school report cards, family recipes and old letters. If you have family heirlooms, war medals and so on, you can take pictures of them to add to the book. While collecting these items, gather personal stories such as other significant moments in their lives and see if you can find any photographs related to these stories.

To organize your book, look at the photo book companies such as Shutterfly which offers family heritage themes. Mixbook has family yearbook and family history themes, with a family tree layout. They also offer an Our Story theme. Another one is Picaboo, which offers sets of vintage look backgrounds, and Presto Photo has some very attractive backgrounds as well. While there is a charge for these books, there are always sales, and some also offer a special price for multiple copies. Research each company to see which one works the best for you and make sure you check to find a discount.

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