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We are pleased to announce the launch of the

next phase of Caregiver Communications:!

The three main questions that family members ask
when they find themselves in a caregiver role are:

1. What do I do? 

2.  What do I need?

3.  Where do I go for help? can now address all three questions!


We will continue to offer a wide variety of important information that addresses the specific needs of caregivers.  These videos and articles will help answer the “What do I do?” and “What do I need?” questions. In addition to all this information, we will begin to list local and national caregiver product and service providers to help answer the third question of “Where do I go for help?”

Your support is instrumental in helping continue to grow and expand.  We strive to provide excellent caregiving resources for any family member caring for an aging parent, disabled veterans, a child with special needs, those with a disease, an accident victim and more.  If there is a topic you would like for us to address, please share with us via email at  We would love to hear from you!


Being a caregiver is not easy.  Thank you for all that you do.


Mark Shekerow & JoAnn Polley

Caregiver Communications Founders

Meet The Founding Partners:

The People Behind

Caregiver Communications, Inc. founding partners Mark Shekerow and JoAnn Polley have over 50 years combined experience in the publishing industry. In 2009, Shekerow and Polley created the Regional Caregiver Magazine Series. This blog,, is the evolution of their experiences in reaching this growing market.

Mark Shekerow, CEO

Mr. Shekerow had a successful sales and sales management career in the printing industry before creating Caregiver Communications, Inc. An entrepreneur, his organizational and leadership skills coupled with creativity led to the expansion of creating this new online resource.


Mr. Shekerow and his family suffered the unexpected death of a family caregiver, his sister. The situation brought to light the challenges facing a family when the caregiver dies first.  Sharing their experiences and helping others in similar situations is a driving force behind


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JoAnn Polley, Creative Director


JoAnn is a published author and is the President of Infinite Ideas & Designs (IID), a graphics design firm. JoAnn effectively merged her knowledge of production and manufacturing with creative conceptualization. Possessing knowledge of every facet of publishing, from conceptualization and editorial to finished product, JoAnn will be charged with obtaining original content for the blog and soon to be website.


Ms. Polley found herself thrown into caregiving on her father’s 80th birthday when he underwent a quadruple by-pass. She moved him into her house for recovery and the duration of his life. Having experienced firsthand the demands of being a primary caregiver, she understands the critical need for resources to be able to offer the best caregiving possible.

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