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Caregiver Tip - Use the Opportunity to Record Your Family History

While you are spending time with your loved one, especially an aging relative, take the time to record the family history. You can interview your loved one about his or her childhood, important moments in life, such as marriage, birth, historical events and even places of work and how they ended up where they did. See if you can find pictures, old movies and look into having a company put everything together in order to have something to pass down the family as generations move on. There are companies that specialize in producing beautiful customized family history books and family tree posters. Or just use your local copy center such as Kinko’s or Staples. There are also various ancestry sites that can help with information to add to your history. Collect your history a little a time so it doesn’t become an arduous task. You can use your phone’s video to record your loved one and then transcribe the conversation to enter into the book. Once you have everything collected, it’s easy to put it all together. You will be glad that you did.

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