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Keep Track of Digital Information

With modern technology our lives have become more reliant on the computer for access to just about everything. We do our banking, pay our bills, even make appointments with doctors. To do all of these things we have to use passwords. In the past, we kept a copy of our important documents and account numbers in a file. While we may still do that, we also need to keep of copy of all the account numbers and passwords written down in case something happens and people need to access the accounts. So, make a list of all the account numbers and their passwords and put it in the same file with all the documents, and keep this list up to date. As much as the television shows present hackers speedily breaking the password, in real life, it’s not that easy. In fact, unless you’re an expert, it’s pretty difficult. So, take a few minutes to make of list of all the important digital information, so as to avoid hours, if not days of being able to access to these accounts. There could be hundreds of dollars in an Amazon account that you can’t get to, just because you don’t have the correct password.

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