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15 Activities for Caregivers to do with their Loved Ones

There are often times when the person you are caring for can become bored and depressed. What you can try to do to help them feel more engaged is to schedule various activities together. It doesn’t have to be a long time, perhaps half an hour, but even that small amount of time will give your loved one something to look forward to while you are there. It can also serve as an opportunity to take care of some household chores that might otherwise go undone. If you are there three times a week, schedule something different for each of those times. Even if it’s seven days a week, by having an activity or a task that you share might brighten those moments of tedium and boredom. If your loved one likes jigsaw puzzles, set one up that can be worked on while you’re gone. Find an interesting novel that you can read a chapter or two at a time.

  1. Organize a closet

  2. Read a book out loud

  3. Have a friend bring over a pet

  4. Fold laundry together

  5. Clip coupons

  6. Color pictures

  7. Write a letter to a friend or loved one

  8. Play a board game

  9. Sing old songs

  10. Do a jigsaw puzzle

  11. Look through old photos

  12. Look at recipes

  13. Create a family tree

  14. Have afternoon tea

  15. Record your favorite memories together in a journal

Having activities can make life more meaningful for your loved and give them something to look forward to during your time together. By taking the time to write your memories together in a journal you will create a wonderful history that you can relive over the years.

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