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4 Tips to Help with Caregiving

Being a caregiver takes a tremendous about of work and can cause a lot of stress. In fact, stress is one of the major hazards suffered by caregivers since the responsibility can be emotionally, financially and physically exhausting. Having methods for reducing stress can help you endure the demands and maintain your health so as to be able to provide care for your loved one. Here are four tips to help you contend with the seemingly never ending onslaught of demands.

One – Maintain your sense of humor. As difficult as this might seem, finding even the smallest bit of humor in a distressing situation will help ease the burden. Numerous studies have demonstrated that using humor in crisis situations provides a method of coping and reduces stress. In fact, it’s been seen as the human gift for coping and survival and has been related to increased life expectancy and overall well-being. Try to find something to laugh at, even a wry laugh will help.

Two – Take care of yourself. Your health is just as important as your loved one’s health. As busy as you might be, pay attention to your eating habits, try getting enough sleep, even a short 15 minute brisk walk will help.

Three – Take time for yourself. Find someone who can handle a few responsibilities so you can take a break to attend to personal things you need to get done. Even if it’s an hour or two a week, attending to your needs and getting them done will relieve your feelings of being overwhelmed.

Four – Find someone you can talk to, from the heart, relieving yourself of your weights and psychological pressure. Being able to vent, unjudged, will do wonders for release of the stress of more serious emotions, and improve your spirits.

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your loved one. You owe it to yourself, and, to

your loved one.

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