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10 Ways to Give Yourself a Break

First, identify the problems you are having and some possible solutions.

  • Prepare a list of the solutions that others could help you with. There are many responsibilities that can be shared. Break the jobs down into very simple tasks. Something as simple as balancing the checkbook or submitting insurance forms can be done by someone else.

  • Start asking others to pitch in. Even far away relatives and friends can help in certain ways, such as sending greeting cards or flowers, or just making a phone call to talk.

  • Consider the special abilities and interests of your friends and relatives. If you know a friend enjoys cooking but dislikes driving, your chances of getting help improve if you ask for help with meal preparation.

  • Consider community resources. Volunteers from faith based organizations, civic groups often provide help with shopping, socializing or driving.

  • Try for a long weekend of relaxation by turning to a home health agency, nursing home, assisted living residence or board-and-care home; sometimes these facilities accept short-term residents.

  • Try to do something you enjoy, for just a half an hour several times a week. Something that will relax you, perhaps meditating, learning Tai Chi, visualizing a positive place or just calling to mind pleasant memories of days gone by.

  • Seek supportive counseling or join a support group if you are feeling depressed

stressed overwhelmed.

  • Try to change the negatives you perceive into positives. Look for a different perspective to ease the hopelessness you might be feeling. Ask a for a friend’s opinion on how to see things in a more positive light if you can’t see it yourself.

  • Take time off without feeling guilty. You deserve it. You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not doing it all on your own.

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