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Being a caregiver is not for sissies. It is a demanding job with many responsibilities and no rest for the weary: the day ends, and the next day you start again. It is easy to feel overwhelmed.

But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the positive side of what you do. There are great things about being a caregiver, and here are just ten out of many:

  • It means so much to my loved one to be part of our family. Being a caregiver means you are making sacrifices, but you are also receiving the gratitude of someone who loves you.

  • Caring for our loved one has pulled our family together. Having an extended family living together teaches all of us the important lessons in getting along with others.

  • We can still tell jokes. Enjoy this time to share laughter. Humor is the greatest stress relief there is.

  • We can still share dreams. Take comfort in sharing with your loved one the dreams and wishes you could never tell anyone else.

  • I’m teaching my children how to care for others. Selflessness is learned by example.

  • By caring for my loved one, I’m learning how important it is to take care of myself. It is not wrong to let the act of caregiving help you understand that independence is a gift.

  • This is the opportunity to build a better relationship. Heal old emotional wounds and let go of past grievances. Perhaps this is a time to have the relationship you always wanted.

  • I’m learning how much support I really have. Learn to let others help. Your friends, your neighbors and your community are there for comfort and support. Let their support be a source of gratitude, not guilt.

  • My children have a chance to really know their grandparents. Okay, it may take some time…but one day, your children will understand the value of knowing their closest love ones personally. The need for elders in our society is great; there are lessons only age can teach.

  • Your loved one’s beautiful smile. It can be the most beautiful sight in the world.

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