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Give Yourself a Break

As a busy caregiver, leisure time may seem like an impossible luxury. But you owe it to yourself—as well as to the person you’re caring for—to carve it into your schedule. Give yourself permission to take a quick rest from caregiving and to do things that you would normally like to enjoy on a daily basis. You will be a better caregiver for it.

Find ways to pamper yourself – light candles and take a relaxing bubble bath. It only needs to be an hour but it will relax you for a lot longer.

Treat yourself to an hour of doing something you really enjoy, be it gardening, reading a magazine, getting a manicure

or just watching your favorite television show.

Get out of the house and wander in the mall just window shopping, daydreaming of what you’d like to buy. Perhaps even make a special purchase for something you’ve always wanted.

Buy yourself some flowers – you deserve them.

Visit with some friends for an hour and share your feelings. They will be happy to listen and will be probably feel flattered that you’ve confided in them. If it’s difficult to leave the house, invite them over for coffee or a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Take an hour to meditate or try progressive relaxation techniques. Sit with your eyes closed and breathe deeply while you listen to relaxing background music that you can download free from the internet.

Make yourself laugh. Read a funny story, call a friend who always makes you laugh. Try to find humor in everyday situations. Laughter is a powerful antidote to feelings of pressure, stress and anxiety.

If you’re not regularly taking time-off to de-stress and recharge your batteries, you’ll end up getting less done in the long run. After a break, you should feel more energetic and focused, so you’ll quickly make up for your relaxation time.

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