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“Wellness”…It’s a Way of Life!

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) across the country are highlighting the importance of “aging well” for seniors. Dedicated Wellness Programs improve the quality of life of each senior and/or client physically, psychologically, and spiritually by offering a purposeful fitness plan and life enriching programming that address individual health needs, quality of life, and to encourage successful aging.

From day-to-day, campus residents have the opportunity to enhance their well-being by choosing from a host of physical exercise classes, attending a lecture series, learning a new hobby, volunteering, developing their spiritual journey, and enjoying supportive relationships, as well as, selecting from healthy menu choices in various campus dining venues.

An effective Wellness Philosophy should be inter-woven into the daily fabric of lifestyle choices that covers various aspects of living:

  • Emotional: the awareness and understanding of one’s own thoughts and feelings and those of others. Emotionally well people recognize their worth, seek out opportunities to develop positive relationships, and have an enthusiastic attitude towards life while embracing the challenges it brings.

  • Environmental: both inside and outside, is the creation of and participation in safe and inviting surrounds. Environmentally well people seek interdependence and harmony through an active partnership with their environment.

  • Intellectual: is the engagement of mind through continuous learning opportunities. Intellectually well people actively participate in stimulating activities and use a variety of resources to expand their knowledge and skills.

  • Physical: is the demonstration of respect of one’s health and body. Physically well people make a commitment to maintain an active, fulfilling lifestyle by minimizing negative risky behavior, getting adequate rest and nutrition, and participating in physical activity.

  • Social: is the willingness to develop, maintain and appreciate relationships. Socially well people show concern for others, value friendships, respect diversity, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community in which they live.

  • Spiritual: is the personal commitment one has to God and/or the discovery of meaning and purpose in life. Spiritually well people live out their core values and beliefs and have an appreciation for that which cannot be explained. They strive for inner peace and serenity and respect individual differences.

  • Vocational: is the use of personal gifts, skills, interest, talents, and knowledge for the good of others, organizations, and communities. Vocationally well people actively seek to learn new skills and serve others with their abilities

Getting older doesn’t mean one must settle with uncontrollable outcomes, seniors are learning to make daily choices that will increase their vitality and happiness with life. One bit of advice, the younger you begin in making “wellness” choices, the more complete you will feel as you age.

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