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Caregiver Tip - The Perils of Falling

The number one reason elderly people visit the emergency room every year is related to falling.

The fall can occur because of vision problems, weak leg muscles, poor footwear, and home hazards such as uneven steps, clutter lying around, slippery throw rugs and so on. One third of the falls in the elderly population are related to household hazards. The more risk factors there are, the greater chance a fall will occur. Unfortunately, even a simple fall can cause a serious injury such as a hip fracture, or even a head injury, which could be life threatening. That’s why it is so important that you pay attention to your loved one’s health, because studies have shown that how frequently someone falls has just as much to do with their health, as with myriad house hold hazards. And even more important, if your aging loved one lives alone, then you should look into providing them with a personal medical alert system. There are a number of different models available, but they all work on the premise that anyone having a medical emergency can press a wearable call button that contacts a dispatcher who can summon emergency help. Find the type of system that seems to best meet your needs. This simple device could easily save you loved one’s life.

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