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Childhood Cancer

According to Chantel Adams, founder and CEO of Forever WE Inc., 46 children are diagnosed with cancer every day. Only 4 percent of federal funds are directed toward pediatric research, and in the last 30 years, only two new treatment options have been developed for children.

This should not be! Inspired by the bravery of the kids undergoing treatment, Chantel Adams and Ginny Starr came up with a creative way to honor them. We invite you to join them!

Forever We’s innovative line of dolls help tell their story by representing the real issues they’re experiencing in the world today. These dolls foster compassion and facilitate meaningful conversations about friendship. A doll with a purpose—purposeful play. Each doll arrives with a book that includes a conversation guide so parents and caregivers can talk about questions that arise. Parents want to give their children great toys. They want them to grow up to be compassionate and kind. Kids are using their toys to tell the story of their lives. Forever We believes that dolls can provide them with a tangible way to make sense of the world around them.

The goal of Forever We is two-fold. They have BIG plans to create a whole line of dolls and books that support healthy kids, raise awareness for causes such as childhood cancer, foster care/adoption, and work to eradicate things like family homelessness. They’re excited to partner with organizations leading the charge in these fields to raise awareness, funding, and community support.

Jewel is their first doll, and they’ve partnered with CURE Childhood Cancer to give 10% of the purchase price of everything they sell specifically to CHILDHOOD CANCER research. Too many kids with cancer and too few treatments available for a cure combine to make this a first priority for them. After all, everyone loves kids. And they especially love healthy kids.

Part of Forever We’s mission is to help organizations that are making a difference. When it comes to child­hood cancer, nobody does it better than Cure. Forever We along with Cure Childhood Cancer believes that childhood cancer can be cured in our lifetime.

“In playing with my daughters, I realized they were using their toys to tell stories,” said Adams. “In caring for their dolls, they were showing me something about who they were in real life.”

Adams believes the Jewel doll is an innovative toy that will promote compassion and generosity as well as reflect the real issues kids are experiencing in the world today.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website at

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