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Are Your Parents Okay? 10 Things to Look for.

Is everything okay? A lot of times adults don’t realize their aging parents need help.The next time you are with them, look for signs such as:

1. Piles of mail unopened

2. Lack of personal hygiene

3. Always finding your parents in the same clothes

4. Food spoiling in the refrigerator

5. They haven’t been paying their bills

6. Appliances left on

7. Garbage or clutter piling up

8. Minor signs of injury

9. Forgetting appointments

10. Forgetting to take medication

Just one of these could be a sign that something is wrong. If you notice any of them it would be a good idea to sit down and have a serious talk with them to find out if it might just be symptoms of aging, or if in fact, there is something wrong. It would also be a good time to discuss where they keep their important papers, and access to financial information in case anything happens in the future. You might also ask them to sign a medical release form that allows doctors to share medical information with you. By being informed you are helping them and helping yourself in the future.

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